Aesthetic medicine

Anti-Aging-treatment for face-neck-decollete
Muscle stimulation/relaxation through deep vibration induced by DEEP OSCILLATION® trains the facial muscles and keeps them in tone. Stimulation of collagen production and cell regeneration gives a fresh and young look to the skin.
Anti-oedema and anti-fibrosis action provides smooth, elastic, and wrinkle-free appearance.

Post plastic surgery, liposuction and laser re-surfacing rehabilitation
With DEEP OSCILLATION®, swellings, redness, and oedemas can be relieved considerably faster. Because it can be used at a very early post-operative stage, the healing process is accelerated, scar quality is improved, local inflammation is inhibited, and pain stopped over a sustained period.

Preoperative therapy
Since DEEP OSCILLATION® possesses anti-oedema, lymph drainage, anti-fibrosis and detoxifying properties, it prepares the tissue for surgical interventions, liposuction and aesthetic laser re-surfacing. The treatment improves the result of the intervention and protects against adverse effects of the body sculpturing procedure.

DEEP OSCILLATION® affects all pathological mechanisms of cellulite. With DEEP OSCILLATION®, microcirculation can be improved, oedema and lymphostasis diminished, inflammation suppressed, roughage dissipated, and sensitivity to oestrogen hormones inhibited.

Therapy with DEEP OSCILLATION is beneficial within a broad range of applications, including, but not limited to:

Breast lift
Cellulite(1st,2nd,3rd stages)
Dark circles under eyes
Face lift
Lacrimal sacs
Plastic surgery, post-surgery
Skin transplantation
Stomach lift
Stretch marks
Swollen eyelid